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Welcome to's Gift Ideas page. Many of the gift ideas suggested below are featured on our website. We have provided hyperlinks throughout this list to the specific page or link for the gifts you are looking for. In some cases, however, the best way to assist you with a purchase will be over the telephone or via email.

Our store hours and contact information are listed at the bottom of this page along with login and sign-up opportunity for, the Universal Gift Registry that allows you to add items to your wish list and share it with others. If there is an item you are looking for, but can't find, try our search page.

Anniversary Gift Ideas
Anniversary gifts from ForeverJewelers.comAnniversaries for any special date deserve romantic gifts. Make your loved one feel special. Buy them a piece of jewelry and engrave it with a personal message. A wedding anniversary is extra special. Make that gift thoughtful and romantic. Remember to keep your gifts varied. Here are some helpful gift suggestions:

Special anniversaries call for special gifts. Your first wedding anniversary concludes the first year of your marriage. Show your loved one how much they mean to you with a special gift and a personal message engraved in platinum or 14K gold. Give a gift with eternal meaning by using diamonds to express your impenetrable love.

Barmitzvah or Basmitzvah Gift Ideas
For a young manís barmitzvah or a young girlís basmitzvah, gift ideas are limited when only buying religious articles. Other ideas including religious items are:

Birthday Gift Ideas
Birthdays are a perfect time to tell someone that you care. For a friend the best gift you can give is something that reminds them of you. Remember that these birthday people may be receiving gifts from others, so make your gift special. Our best gift giving suggestions for a friendís birthday are:

A birthday for a loved one is a special day for both of you. Remember the things they had mentioned in passing that they thought you had forgotten. These special days are thought of as being more romantic than most. Celebrate by buying them a beautiful piece of jewelry that they deserve.

(Don't forget the birth of your children. Donít mother and father deserve a gift for child rearing?)

Birthstone Chart

Christening Gift Ideas or Naming of a Child
A babyís christening or naming is just one of many important days in this childís life. Remember that the child will have this gift forever. It is also important to consider the fact that there will be other gifts given to the baby, so make yours special. Usually a ďGod parent will give the child his or her first Cross or Star of David. If you are not a member of the family, it is often a difficult gift giving decision to make. Here are some of our best ideas pertaining to your occasion:

The First Holy Communion Gift Ideas
The first Holy Communion is a day in your special childís life that should be remembered and praised by a gift that they will relish forever. Please keep in mind that a childrenís gift should be durable. Here are some of our gift-giving recommendations:

Graduation Gift Ideas
Even though the ages of graduates may vary, there are some traditional gifts that are given on this special day. We have put together our best gift giving ideas for that special graduate in your life.   †††††††††††

Wedding Day Favors
How do you thank the people who will witness your wedding vows, your best friends and family, when they have given you so much support through the past and finally on this special day? These people are dearest to you. Express your gratitude by a special gift for them on your wedding day.


When buying gifts for many bridesmaids, keep in mind that everyone understands you may be on budget. If someone usually wears 14K yellow gold, they should understand when you have chosen sterling silver gift sets. Keep everyone uniform by asking them to wear only your gifts in the photo session.†

Groomís Men

Though not featured on our website, these gifts and many others may be found in our store. Often these items may be engraved which adds a nice, personal touch.
  • Cufflinks - An array of cufflinks is designed with many interests and hobbies displayed. Not only is it fashionable, it is a nice personal touch.
  • Money clips - This engraveable gift is great for every day use. It is recommended to only engrave their initials on personal items.
  • Pocket watches - In gold tone or silver tone, pocket watches are functional and fashionable.††
  • Pocket knife - Nothing could be more useful than a Swiss Army Knife. We have various sizes and designs from which to choose. †††††††††††††††††††
  • Flasks - Fill it with their favorite beverage, have it engraved, guaranteed to be a hit with the boys.

Mothers and Fathers

It is too often that people forget to buy their parents a special gift to thank them on their wedding day.† This day signifies their success in raising a child to adulthood.These gifts should be personable and memorable.

Mothersí gift

  • Bracelets in 14K gold
  • Earrings in 14K gold
  • Pendant in 14K gold
  • Birthstone pendant signifying their gain of a son-in-law or daughter-in-law
  • Pearls to wear on your wedding day
  • Ring of 14K gold

Fathersí gift

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