Alexandrite Jewelry

Alexandrite jewelry is incomparable and very rare if, indeed, it is genuine. The unique characteristic of this valuable gemstone is that itscolor changes from green to red when exposed to natural light and then incandescent light. Discovered in 1831 in Czarist Russia, it has long since ceased to be mined in that location and has only seen a brief rebirth in limited quantities. Therefore, it is not uncommon for alexandrite jewelry to be designed using synthetic reproductions.

Lab-grown alexandrite has the same physical and chemical properties as the natural gem and the same unique color-changing characteristics. The Moh's scale of hardness classifies alexandrite as 8.5. With this hardness, alexandrite jewelry can be worn regularly and cleaned with gem cleaner to maintain its brilliance.

When evaluating this gemstone, pay the most attention to the color change. The more dramatic and complete the shift from red to green, without the bleeding through of brown from one color to the next, the more rare and valuable the stone is considered. Other important value factors are the attractiveness of the two colors (the more intense the better), the clarity, and the cutting quality. Because of the rarity of this gemstone, large sizes command very high premiums. Be wary of synthetics or imitations if you are considering the purchase of an authentic, natural piece of alexandrite jewelry.

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