Amber Jewelry

Amber jewelry is unique and full of history. As an organic gem, amber is hardened, fossilized sap or resin from ancient pine trees. The name comes from the Arabic word, anbar, meaning ambergris. Amber jewelry has been around for centuries, often used in beads, pendants, buttons and other ornamental objects. It is believed that the Egyptians may have used amber in the mummification process because it is an effective desiccant.

While amber jewelry is quite common, there are more unique samples containing inclusions such as bubbles, pollen and plant, insect or animal fossils. This trapped organic debris has given scientists an insight to plant and insect life from millions of years ago. In addition to creating jewelry, pieces of amber may also be carved and engraved, and often used in making pipestems, umbrella handles and as inlay material.

The Moh's scale of hardness classifies amber as 2-2.5. It's color ranges from golden-yellow to orange and can be transparent or opaque. Because amber jewelry is relatively soft, it should be worn with care, and cleaned with a soft polishing cloth rather than an abrasive gem cleaner. For more information on amber jewelry at Forever Jewelers online jewelry store, please give us a call. 



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