Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst jewelry makes the perfect gift for a birthday in February or for those who love amethyst's beautiful range of colors and all are priced affordably at our online jewelry store . The crystalline quartz mineral ranges from a pale lilac shade to a deep reddish purple often referred to as Siberian and considered the finest quality. As amethyst is considered the most valuable gemstone in the quartz family, amethyst jewelry is often made using faceted stones and precious metals. The value of this jewelry is heavily based on color and deep purple hues with red and blue flashes (Siberian) are considered the finest quality. 

Historically, amethyst jewelry was said to protect one from intoxication whether in the form of a ring, necklace, earrings or beads.  Its name is derived from the Greek word, amethustos, meaning "not drunken". While this may have kept some sober, the ladies of the time also felt that amethyst jewelry would keep their men faithful.

Moh's scale of hardness classifies amethyst as 7. Therefore, this jewelry may be worn frequently and cleaned with gem cleaner to maintain its brilliance. Inclusions may occur, but are often not present in polished or faceted specimens due to its relative abundance. However, due to increased popularity, simulated amethyst is available in the marketplace. Make sure you know whether the gemstone you are purchasing is genuine or simulated when evaluating costs.

Learn more about our store selection of amethyst rings, and view amethyst necklaces and earrings, all available at Forever Jewelers online jewelry store.


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