Blue Topaz Rings

Blue topaz rings come in a variety of styles. The gemstone is known for its durability and pale-blue color although these rings are also available with a dark blue variety of topaz known as London Blue. Frequently, this is made from a variety of topaz that has been heat-treated and irradiated to produce the permanent color change.  In nature this color may be found, though it is quite rare. Blue topaz rings make great gifts for those whose birthdays are in December. Blue topaz jewelry is the birthstone for that month.

Blue Topaz Rings

Recently, blue topaz rings have become very popular when created in white gold or platinum. The contrast between the bright metal and concentrated blue gemstones creates a stunning look. Another reason for their popularity is because blue topaz rings are very durable and reasonably priced. Often large gemstones are used and their prices are within people's budgets.

Because it is a fairly durable gemstone, blue topaz rings may be worn frequently and cleaned with gem cleaner to maintain their brilliance. Steam and ultrasonic cleaning are not, however, recommended because extreme heat and vibration may damage these gemstones. At Forever Jewelers, all of our blue topaz rings are created using 14karat gold purity or higher. Please browse through our selection of rings and let us know if you have any questions. Our inventory is always changing, so check back frequently for new products.


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