Emerald Jewelry

Emerald jewelry has long been worn by enthusiasts of its exotic color. Frequently set in yellow gold, recent trends in white gold and platinum have given emerald jewelry a new look. As the birthstone of May, its green color symbolizes many different things such as good luck and prosperity. Those of Irish dissent often wear emerald jewelry to display their heritage. It is said that the color green is a natural color with soothing and healing properties. While its color is prevalent throughout the four seasons, emerald jewelry can easily be worn all year round.

Forever Jewelers offers a wide variety of emerald rings.Technically, emeralds belong to the mineral group called beryl. This is the same group to which aquamarine belongs. In fact, light specimens of emerald known as green beryl are often heat-treated, in which they become aquamarine. Emeralds are known for having obvious flaws. In fact, synthetics used in emerald jewelry are sometimes produced with apparent flaws in order to appear more realistic. Often, emeralds are treated with oil, fracture-filling or even irradiation to hide certain flaws.

The Trapiche emerald from Columbia is considered one of the most exotic forms of this mineral. It exhibits a star-like flash as light reflect from black carbon impurities that run in a parallel pattern similar to the fibers in cat's eye. Emerald jewelry contains stones from around the world, though most commonly they come from mines in Columbia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and North Carolina.

While beryl, including emeralds, has a Moh's scale of hardness rating of 7.5-8, emerald jewelry should be worn with great care. Emeralds may develop internal fractures if banged hard or if exposed to extreme temperatures. In fact, the popular emerald cut was created to reduce the amount of pressure necessary to cut the stone and reduce breakage. Also, because many emeralds are treated with oil to hide flaws, it is not recommended to clean your emerald jewelry with gem cleaner or soapy water. Doing so may remove the treatment and expose internal flaws.

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