Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry is a popular alternative as the birthstone for June. Commonly mistaken as labradorite, both of these gemstones belong to the large family known as Feldspar. Original orthoclase moonstone jewelry contains translucent to semitransparent cabochon-cut gems with a white or blue billowy light inside. It can be white, orange, brown, or gray. You can find a fair number of these orthoclase moonstones carved into moon-faced cabochons. Because of its moving internal light, some wearers of moonstone jewelry in the East believe the gem has a living spirit within, one that will bring good fortune. It's considered a sacred stone that gives the wearer the power to read the future.

The confusion between moonstone jewelry and "labradorite moonstone" comes about because normally labradorite contains inclusions of ilmenite. Labradorite moonstones, however, do not contain ilmenite and therefore look like the milky orthoclase moonstone, but come in all of the colors labradorite is known for. Another distinction between the two gemstones is that moonstone is a potassium sodium feldspar while labradorite is a calcium sodium feldspar.

Moh's scale of hardness classifies moonstone as having a rating of 6-6.5. While this may seem somewhat soft, moonstone jewelry can be worn frequently though care should be taken against letting stones rub together. Gem cleaner is not recommended for cleaning your moonstone jewelry. Water may be used with a soft polishing cloth.


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