Peridot Jewelry

Peridot jewelry has become quite fashionable, though it has often been dreaded by those born in August since it is the birthstone of that month. peridot jewelry is often featured in birthstone jewelry for those born in August Having turned a new leaf, peridot jewelry is available in beautiful shades of clear, kiwi green to yellow-green. Darker shades of peridot have even been confused with emeralds, which they were once classified as before modern science could discern their physical differences. Today, many who enjoy its bright color and versatility wear peridot jewelry. Moving away from convention, green gemstones are increasingly seen in white gold settings and as an accent to Tahitian pearls and their frequent greenish undertones.

Peridot is actually the gemstone variety of olivine, which is composed of two different minerals: fayalite and forsterite. The balance of these two minerals and several others contributes to the best color for peridot jewelry. In cases where color is not optimal, peridot may be heat-treated in order to oxidize specific minerals and enhance color. Often faceted for peridot jewelry, beads and cabochons are also produced. Though cat's eye and star peridot have been discovered, they are quite rare. Another rarity is that which comes from iron-nickel meteorites called pallasites. Some have actually been cut and made into peridot jewelry.

Moh's scale of hardness classifies peridot as 6.5-7. While this scratch resistance is low and care should be taken with peridot jewelry, it may be cleaned in gem cleaner. Steam and ultrasonic cleaning of peridot jewelry, however, is not advised.


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