Sapphire Rings

Sapphire rings have long symbolized faithfulness and sincerity, making a sapphire and diamond ring the perfect gift for romantic occasions.  As September's birthstone, sapphire jewelry makes for a perfect, ever-lasting gift. With the increase in popularity of white metals, so too, have sapphires become more popular. Beautiful cornflower-blue gemstones create a wonderful contrast that attracts attention to platinum sapphire rings.Click here to purchase this sapphire and diamond ring

Blue is the most well known color of the sapphire gemstone by far, though it is not the only color available. The elements iron and titanium gives the sapphire its blue color, but other mineral elements result in different colors varying from black to orange to clear, green and pink. Yellow sapphire rings and pink sapphire rings are becoming increasingly popular, though the blue gemstone color pairs well in a traditional sapphire and diamond ring

The rarest sapphire is the exotic Star Sapphire. This mysterious variety is believed to be caused by needle-like inclusions of rutile that result in a silky sheen causing an asterism, or star, to appear. Star sapphires have often been used in men's sapphire jewelry and have even been considered spellbinding.

The finest sapphires were once considered to come from Burma and Kashmir. Today, those sources yield a very limited quantity of sapphire. Much of the sapphire rings sold in today's market comes from gemstones found in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia. Large sapphires are considered quite rare and are sometimes named. Star of India is perhaps the largest cut Star Sapphire weighing 536 carats. In the United States, heads of three prominent presidents have been carved out of sapphires, each weighing approximately 2000 carats.

Moh's scale of hardness classifies corundum, and subsequently sapphire, as having a hardness of 9. While this is the second hardest mineral known to humankind, it should be noted that it is only 1/140th as hard as diamond, the hardest natural substance. Conversely, it is seven times as hard as Topaz, number 8 on the list. Sapphire rings - particularly sapphire and diamond rings - are an excellent choice for jewelry as they are very durable and may be steam and ultrasonic cleaned. As with all gemstones, care should be taken against direct blows since they may crack the stones in your sapphire jewelry.


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