Tiger's Eye Jewelry

Tiger's eye jewelry normally features cabochon cut specimens that exhibit a wonderful effect known as chatoyancy. This changeable luster and rich brown to golden color makes tiger's eye jewelry striking and desirable. As a variety of quartz, tiger's eye is similar, yet different from cat's eye that actually belongs to the chrysoberyl mineral family. To make things more confusing, there is also quartz cat's eye and quartz hawk's eye.

The effect of quartz cat's eye is due to inclusions of fine asbestos. The colors are usually yellowish, brownish or greenish, though white and gray have also been found. Crocidolite, which is blue asbestos, may decompose and change to quartz, retaining its fibrous structure. This can be further cemented by quartz and stained by iron oxides to yield a dense, fibrous material that is called tiger's eye. If original crocidolite is present in the tiger's eye, a blue tone may be present, and this is called zebra tiger's eye. Without the presence of iron oxides the material will remain blue, this variety is called hawk's eye. The common factor between these varieties of quartz is that they all exhibit chatoyancy and, therefore, make beautiful jewelry.

Moh's scale of hardness classifies tiger's eye as 7. While this is relatively resistant to scratch, it is not recommended to clean tiger's eye jewelry using steam or ultrasonic gem cleaner. It is best to use a polishing cloth. Also, because tiger's eye jewelry often is created using cabochons that are easily struck, great care should be taken to avoid direct blows that may break these gemstones.

Much of Forever Jewelers jewelry is antique style and are unique in the industry of being pieces of fine jewelry that stand out among other contemporary styles. We offer both, but our focus is on the antique style settings. We hope you enjoy them.


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