Jewelry can complete your look and accentuate your style. But you’ll appear even more put-together when your jewelry stays in excellent condition. Keeping up with maintenance and performing routine inspections can ensure your jewelry truly shines. Here are just three reasons you should remember to prioritize jewelry inspection and jewelry repair as needed.

1. Keep Your Pieces Intact

The jewelry that you wear on a daily basis tends to undergo a lot of wear and tear. Sometimes, you may run into things and your jewelry can take a hit. You also probably take your jewelry off and on a lot throughout the week, which can cause wear and tear as well. It is important to take it to a jeweler routinely for them to check for any damage sustained and for any needed jewelry repair.

2. Remove Dirt and Restore Sparkle

Jewelry regularly worn comes into contact with a lot of dirt from the environment, such as dust particles, which lodge in places one cannot reach. This is why you should schedule a visit to the jeweler for routine cleaning to preserve the integrity of your jewelry.

3. Avoid Damage From Common Cleaning Products

Some jewelry could use a polish to bring out the sparkle. This is best done at the jeweler’s, where special care is taken during the process. Note that not all jewelry is meant to be polished. Soft metals such as silver and gold are not meant to be polished regularly to avoid stripping the outer layer of the metal. Jewelry that has been plated should also not be polished to avoid wiping off the coat.

How Often Should You Take Your Jewelry for a Check-up?

Regularly worn jewelry should be taken in once every six months or whenever they sustain a hit. This helps to prevent further damage and loss of diamonds or gemstones. For occasionally worn jewelry, an inspection once a year is sufficient. If the piece has sustained a fall, take it in for inspection and jewelry repair.

What Happens When You Take Your Jewelry for an Inspection?

The piece is inspected under a magnifying glass. This helps the jeweler see even the tiniest cracks or chips in the stones. The prongs holding the stones are also checked for defects. This facilitates jewelry repair in good time before the stones completely disintegrate.

According to The Knot’s 2019 Jewelry and Engagement Study, the five most popular metals are white gold at 54%, followed by rose gold at 14%. Platinum and yellow gold come in at 13%, and sterling silver comes in at 7%. The value of the mentioned metals is very high, and regular inspection and jewelry repair is the best way to ensure your jewelry remains intact for a long time.

Now that you’ve learned all about jewelry inspections and repairs, take your favorite pieces for an inspection and continue to enjoy wearing them for years to come. Reach out to us today to learn more about the professional jewelry experience we offer.

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