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How much does it cost to size a ring?

There are many factors in sizing a ring. It depends on the type of metal, the thickness of metal, gemstones set in, and if we are adding or removing metal. Make an appointment to speak with our design consultants about diamond engagement rings.

What jewelry do you repair?

We repair most jewelry. We specialize in jewelry repairs made of special metals.

Why does my white gold ring look yellow?

It looks yellow because white gold starts as yellow gold. Other metals are added to bleach the gold. They are not always white, it is normal to have a yellow hue. The plating can come off and expose the yellow gold. According to JCK, the most popular metal is white gold, followed by rose gold, platinum, yellow gold, and sterling silver. We’d be happy to help with any necessary jewelry repairs as well.

How long does it take to set a diamond engagement ring?

We can set diamond engagement rings within one to two weeks.

Do your diamonds come with certificates and appraisals?

Yes, the majority of diamond engagement rings we sell have certificates and we offer appraisals.

Do you offer any free cleanings or within any time period?

In addition to jewelry repairs, we always offer ultrasonic and steam cleaning for anyone at any time.

Can I change a yellow gold ring into white gold?

Yes, we offer rhodium plating. Contact us regarding any other jewelry repairs you may need.

What is a benefit of working with a local jeweler?

We have fast turnaround times, provide excellent customer service, and handle a wide variety of jewelry repairs. Our local reputation has earned the trust of our customers since 1990.

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