diamond engagement ring

If you’re planning to buy a diamond engagement ring, congratulations on the upcoming event! But to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, it’s essential to start by picking the right sparkler. Here are the tips you need to know when shopping for a diamond engagement ring.

Always Consider the Four Cs First

When buying a diamond engagement ring, you should never overlook the four Cs, which are color, cut, clarity, and carat. When it comes to the four Cs, keep in mind that diamonds with less color are rarer, and a well-cut diamond will reflect the light more beautifully. In addition, the best diamonds have clarity and no blemishes or inclusions. Finally, diamond carat weights are used to measure the size of the stone. So, when comparing various options, select the best engagement ring based on the C that’s most important to you. Besides the four Cs, you’ll also need to consider other features of the diamond that are important. For instance, consider the shape (round, pear, oval, square, heart, or other), the cutting style, and the cut quality.

Examine the Diamond In-Person

According to a poll by JCK Magazine, over 70% of couples said they preferred seeing the ring in person before making the buy. Based on the same poll, almost four out of 10 proposers buy the engagement ring about one to two months in advance before the actual proposal. That being so, you might want to look at the diamond closely to see how it looks under different light conditions. For instance, you can examine the diamond in soft lighting, diffused lighting, mixed lighting, or natural daylight. Some of the best diamonds show off an excellent sparkle that reflects the environment beautifully.

Choose a Complementary Metal Band and Setting

The metal band for your diamond engagement ring can be made from different materials, such as white gold or platinum. Similarly, there are different types of settings to choose from, and they all affect the overall look of the ring. You can choose a prong setting, a bezel setting, or a halo setting based on your preference. This is why viewing the ring in person is so important, as it allows you to make better decisions influenced by the aesthetics you see.

There’s a lot to consider when picking a diamond engagement ring. This is a precious investment that needs careful consideration, so if you need any extra help or advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be honored to help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring that’s right for you and your partner.

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