A diamond is the traditional symbol of love and commitment. According to JCK, diamonds are the most popular center stones at 86%, followed by precious stones (10%), colored diamonds (3%), and no center stones (1%). When buying an engagement ring, you want to make sure you find the perfect diamond for your significant other. It’s important to ask yourself the right questions when buying a diamond. Here are five questions to ask before picking out an engagement ring:

1. What Color Diamond Should I Buy?

The color of a diamond is graded on a scale from D-Z. The grading scale is determined by the degree to which the diamond is colorless or near-colorless. Colorless diamonds will typically be more expensive. If you are interested in giving your significant other a diamond, consider the scale to see what colors are available within your budget.

2. How Big Should The Diamond Be?

There are many sizes available for diamonds. For an engagement ring, it’s important to pick the right size that fits your recipient best. You can consult your diamond engagement ring shops or list out some ideas about diamond rings she particularly liked and find out the correct CADR (Carat weight distribution Ratio) based on this information.

3. Is It More Important To Have A Large Carat Weight or a Good Cut Grade?

Cut grade is more important than carat weight. Every diamond has its own unique look, but it’s the cut grade that gives it brilliance.

4. How Much Should I Spend?

A diamond engagement ring should be within the couple’s budget. You can save money by buying a lower color or clarity grade but never compromise on the cut grade. Take into consideration how much you are willing to spend and bring your budget to your diamond engagement ring shops so they can help you find the right ring within that price range.

5. What Type of Setting Should I Pick?

There are many different types of settings available for diamond engagement rings. For a classic look, go with a solitaire setting. Eternity rings have endless rows to symbolize the eternity of your commitment. Settings can be seen as an extension of your lifestyle and personality, so pick wisely.

It’s important to ask yourself these five questions when looking to purchase a diamond engagement ring for your significant other. They will help guide you through the process and ensure that you find the right ring.

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