You spend a lot of money on your jewelry, so it can be very worrying when something breaks. Luckily, jewelry repairs are common. But what are jewelry repairs and what jewelry problems can be repaired? Keep reading to find out.

Stone Replacement

Diamonds are the most popular center stone, according to industry authority JCK, so if you’ve lost the stone of your diamond engagement ring or necklace there’s good news: it can be replaced. It is not uncommon for the prongs that hold the stone to get damaged by daily wear and tear, eventually resulting in a missing stone. Jewelry repair services can cut and replace the stone as well as replace missing or damaged prongs.

Broken Clasp

Most of us know the feeling of frustration when your necklace clasp breaks, but there is good news, if your necklace or bracelet has a broken clasp, this can also be repaired. A skilled jeweler will be able to match a new clasp with the same metals to match your jewelry and replace everything that needs replacing.


Do you remember the last time you had your wedding ring cleaned? If not, it is time. Neglecting to clean your rings, earrings, or other jewelry can result in scratches, discolored metals, or in severe cases, loss of stones. Jewelry repair services also offer jewelry cleaning services and can make tarnished gold and silver look new again.


Most people don’t stay the same weight their whole lives. If you experience weight gain or loss, you may notice your rings don’t fit like they used to.  You can’t wear a ring that is too tight. You’ll probably end up losing a ring if it’s too loose! If this happens to you, a jewelry repair service will be able to resize the ring for you so you can continue to enjoy your jewelry.

Head Replacement

While most common jewelry problems can be repaired by a skilled jeweler, jewelry that has been ignored like antique broaches may need a head replacement. This is when the jewelry is unrepairable and the entire setting and prongs need to be replaced.

If your necklace or ring requires jewelry repairs or you need to give your jewelry a good cleaning, we at Forever Jewelers are happy to help. Give us a call today.

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