Despite the fact that getting a diamond ring online may be convenient, there are a few key factors you should consider prior to sitting down at your computer. Buying from diamond engagement ring stores has many benefits that many first-time diamond purchasers overlook.

1. Receive Exactly What You’re Expecting

As with most online purchases, you may not receive exactly what you expected. For instance, while purchasing a diamond online, you may see many stones with the same Gemological Institute of America (GIA) report. However, a GIA report does not provide a complete picture of what you’re obtaining and should not be the sole criterion for determining the quality of your diamond.

The most essential aspect of a diamond is its appearance, sometimes known as “visual beauty.” According to JCK, over 70% of couples polled believe it’s important to see the ring in person before purchasing. Two diamonds may have identical GIA reports, yet one may be more aesthetically appealing and shinier. When shopping online rather than in diamond engagement ring stores, it’s impossible to compare shine!

2. Get Easy Repairs

Another benefit of diamond engagement ring stores is that you can always return your ring to the jeweler for maintenance or repair. Besides, they’re more likely to have spares should you need a replacement. Many jewelers will still fix or repair online-purchased engagement rings at a fee, but this may require more time and hassle.

3. Compare Diamonds in Person and Ask Questions

Moreover, it’s helpful to have someone take you through the process using actual diamonds. For example, they can show you why H has a different color compared to E, or why an ideal cut makes a stone sparkle more than a very good cut. Going in person allows you to have a conversation and ask questions about the diamonds. This will make finding the perfect diamond significantly easier.

4. Supports Local Businesses

Local businesses are a core part of every community, providing jobs and local flavor. Some have existed for at least a century. Unfortunately, many have had to close their doors over the years due to online competition. Supporting a local business is a great way to give back to them and keep them going strong.

5. Provides Confidence in Your Decision

Let’s be honest, this is probably one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make, and you want to feel confident in it. Ultimately, your significant other will surely appreciate the time and effort you took to locate the perfect engagement ring instead of just going online.

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