If a stone has fallen out of a ring or the clasp on a bracelet or necklace is broken, you may find yourself in need of jewelry repair. While you may own a lot of jewelry, you may not be accustomed to repairing it very often. As such, you may be unsure of what you need to look for in jewelry repair services. Here are three important elements to pay close attention to.

Ask What Types of Jewelry They Repair

One of the first things you want to do is ensure they can complete the repairs you’re looking for. Some places may only repair wedding and engagement rings, while others may repair anything but rings. Be sure to call ahead and ask if they repair the specific type of jewelry you have. They may also ask about the nature of the repair, such as whether a clasp broke or a jewel fell out. There may be cases where something is simply beyond repair.

Find Out How Long the Repairs Will Take To Complete

Not every company operates the same. Some companies may be able to repair your jewelry within a week or two, whereas others may take longer. Always ask a jewelry repair company how long it will take to have the needed repairs completed. Also, ensure they write the expected completion date on the estimate, so there’s no question about what the estimated timeline is for completing the work.

Look Into Their Other Services

Most repair shops will also have other services for you to take advantage of. You may also want your jewelry cleaned, to have a ring resized, or you may be looking for an appraisal. It’ll save you time to choose a business that can complete all these services, rather than having to bounce all over town to individual shops. It’s worth asking if they can complete all the services you need at once.

According to Business Wire, by 2024, the online jewelry market is expected to amount to nearly $20 billion. Buying jewelry online is fine, but you should avoid sending your jewelry to online retailers for repairs. Instead, you should opt for a local jewelry repair company. If you’re in need of repairs, let us help you. Visit Forever Jewelers today to discuss the repairs you need and to obtain an estimate.

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